Person-centred therapy for better emotional wellbeing
Kazia Tyszka-Baxter analytical hypnoterapist

Hi, I'm Kazia and I warmly welcome you here. I am a fully qualified analytical hypnotherapist and use a person-centred approach to support the wellbeing of the whole person. I value each person's unique differences and feel that therapy should empower individuals to make informed choices that are right for them.


Anxiety, depression, addictions, fears and phobias are just some of the issues that can be worked through and resolved in therapy.

I believe that we all have within us the ability to make positive change, even when life is at its most difficult. Setting off on a therapeutic journey creates a stronger sense of self and the increased confidence to embrace true personal growth. Mind, body and spirit are nurtured; improving emotional wellbeing and bringing a sense of empowerment and positivity.

Taking the first steps to finding the right therapist can feel daunting and you may have lots of questions. Where do I begin? How do I describe how I am feeling? What happens in therapy? Sometimes people just cannot put their finger on what is wrong - they just know they need some support. I am here to guide my clients from that very first step. 


I work in a peaceful, safe environment where you can expect complete confidentiality and the highest standards of professionalism. 

Please do feel free to contact me either by phone, text or email to find out more about the way I work.