Analytical Hypnotherapy

Analytical hypnotherapy, or hypnoalanlysis, is the use of hypnotherapy with psychotherapy to locate the root cause, or trigger event, of a presenting symptom. It is a gentle, effective method where client and therapist work together in a safe, nurturing environment. The therapeutic relationship is built organically allowing healing to progress at the client's pace. 


It is helpful here to outline the most common misconceptions about hypnotherapy. It is not like the stage hypnotherapy often seen on television where the participants are put to "sleep" then told to behave in a certain way. You will be offered a feeling of deep relaxation in your sessions with me and are always in complete control.

Sometimes people question whether they can even "be hypnotised". My response to that is simple - anyone can reach a deep level of relaxation if they are in the right environment to do so.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide variety of problems and symptoms, including to lose weight and to stop smoking. However, it is important to highlight that analytical hypnotherapy is not a quick-fix solution; your individual symptoms are looked at deeply and thoroughly.

Please do contact me should you wish to discuss any further queries you may have.

About anlytical hypnoherapy