How Could Analytical Hypnotherapy Help You?

Analytical hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues, in a gentle and natural way. I work using a person-centred approach which is focused on reaching a positive outcome.

-  Anxiety and panic attacks

-  Anger and frustration

-  Childhood abuse and neglect

-  Dependencies and addictions

-  Depressive moods

-  Eating and digestive disorders

-  Fears and phobias

-  Grief and bereavement distress

-  Habitual and behavioural disorders

-  Low confidence and low self-esteem

-  Migraine and psychosomatic pain

-  Obsessive and compulsive disorders

-  Post-traumatic stress disorder

-  Relationship problems

-  Sexual dysfunction

-  Skin conditions and blushing

-  Sleep disturbances

-  Stress and pressure

-  Stuttering

-  Weight management

These are just some of the issues that analytical hypnotherapy can help with.

Even if you do not see what you are looking for the list above, please do contact me so we can talk about your needs in more detail.

Analytical hypotherapy in Kent